Angel Investments

95% of investors add zero value. I would bet that 70-80% add negative value to a startup in their advising.

Vinod Khosla (source)

Vinod is right, at least I know what kind of an investor I do not want to be.

I invest in areas where I have earned secrets, like SaaS, API companies in the US and Internet companies in India. I look at 20-30 opportunities every month and invest in 1-2 most promising startups with high conviction and commitment.

My value-add to these founders:

  • Product and GTM advice (unique insights and learnings from my journey at Segment/Twilio + friends at Stripe, Slack, Dropbox etc.)
  • Intros to high-quality customers and talent (via my first and second-degree network)
  • Endless insights about the market and competition from my vantage point as an operator
  • Evangelize and amplify your startup within customer communities
  • Least, I’m available 24/7/365 to the founders as a friend 😊

Below are my angel investments:

CompanyLocation Description Co-Investors
AirkitPalo AltoLow-code customer engagement platform.Accel, Emergence and Salesforce Ventures
AcquireSan Francisco A unified customer support platform.Tiger Global, Base10 and S28 Capital.
CalixaSan FranciscoCustomer Ops Platform for SaaS Companies.Kleiner Perkins
CascadeSan FranciscoCloud-native APA (analytics process automation) platform.First Round Capital, Redpoint Ventures and Susa Ventures
Glean DataNew YorkSelf-serve data analytics platform.Stealth
PlumBangaloreModern employee health insurance and benefits platformSequoia Capital India
PagarBookBangaloreHuman Capital Management Platform for Indian SMEs.Sequoia Capital India
StytchSan FranciscoUser authentication infrastructure for modern applications.Benchmark