I don’t wanna do your dirty work. No more.

With the plethora of startups, everyone is looking for a developer or a designer. I get lots of emails asking for referrals, sometimes from startups and sometimes from folks who are interested to join startups.

A bad way to ask for a referral – Hey Sudheendra, do you know any good rails developer? We are looking to hire one immediately, I would appreciate it if you can connect me with someone.

A good way to ask for a referral –

Hey Sudheendra, Do you know Vivek? With 2.5 years of experience in PHP he seems like a good fit for our *next big startup*. Thanks to LinkedIn, I noticed you are his 1st connection. Would you mind connecting us?

Hey, LocalOye is hiring Software Engineers. I really like what they are doing and the founding team is just awesome. Would you mind introducing to the founders?

Today, I’m launching ReallyGoodJobs.com to help startups find amazing talent and vice versa. I’m sure you receive lots of useless emails every day, still you open and read each and every email (unless it’s spam/junk). Why not subscribe to this amazing newsletter which sends you 5 really interesting startup job opportunities once a week? Even if you are not looking for a job, this might help you refer your friends or sometime in the long run. Don’t tell me later I didn’t know *That Amazing Startup* was hiring, go now and subscribe – bit.ly/reallygoodjobs

PS: If you are a startup and hiring for a great position (a really great one)? email me at sudheendra@reallygoodjobs.com

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