Seeing the glass half full

I consider myself extremely lucky for going to BITS Pilani – the institution which created some outstanding leaders in this world. BITS network is so strong that you literally can reach out to almost anybody for an advice – no one would say no to you! 

So, I whatsapped of my mentors Phani for time and our breakfast meeting became a 4 hour long conversation which definitely had significant impact on my work & leadership style. 

One of the best advices I’ve got from him was when it comes to working with people, see the glass half full – no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. When you start seeing the glass half full – you seem to notice how amazing every one around you is. You really start looking at things people are doing well and try to develop respect, empathy and start learning from their examples. 

Simple, but amazing right? Everyone is unique, what makes a great leader is the ability to learn good and ignore bad every time you come across any new personality.

Phani, I thank you once again! 🙂

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