Two questions to ask a startup job applicant

  1. What is your current compensation (split it into basic, take home and benefits)? Do you have any salary expectations?
  2. If you are hired, when would you be able to start? 

If you are a startup and looking to hire someone, ask these two questions before starting the interview process. Saves lot of time!  I spoke to many candidates who worked at Amazon/Flipkart/InMobi/*ANY BIG COMPANY* and willing to join startups. But the actual reason is they are looking for a salary hike. It’s good, everyone has their own commitments.

Also some of these companies have this policy of *notice period*, for many it’s 15-30 days, while for some it’s up to 90 days. No point in talking to these folks if you are looking for someone who can join immediately. 

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